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If you are like a lot of people in Killinghall then you may have either 1 or a many trees in your garden. Trees much like the flowers in your garden require taking care of or they will not only become unappealing but they can also end up being life-threatening.

Although you could do a number of tasks with your saw and pruners, most of the jobs are ideally left to qualified and knowledgable tree surgeons.

The Killinghall tree surgeon pros that we work with are able to provide not just tree removal but a variety of tree maintenance professional services such as Tree Felling & Tree Disassembling, Developmental Pruning, Crown Reduction & Reshaping, Stump Removal & Stump Grinding  as well as hedge trimming which will assist you with caring for and enhancing the beauty of your property.

A number also offer a 24 Hr emergency tree surgeon service all over the Killinghall area, for if your tree has lost branches or you’re unsure of its health condition immediately after a gale.

If they are able to make your tree safe and secure by taking away any fractured or broken limbs and reinforcing the trunk then they will do this. If they are not able to make things safe at that time the tree surgeon will organise a safe tree felling & removal as quickly as is convenient.

They can also give you recommendations on some of the most helpful techniques for maintaining the long-term health & appearance of your garden trees.

So whether you’re checking out tree removal & tree felling, having crown reshaping & reduction done, would like your tree examined for storm damage or diseases, a stump removed or grinding then phone any of our Killinghall tree surgeon contractors today.

At times a tree will get to a point where pruning and trimming it are no longer sufficient and it does not fit in with your garden design or it eventually is essential to have it taken out before it creates untold damages to your house or wounds someone.

Our tree surgeons pros offer a 24-Hr emergency tree removal service for when you suspect your tree has been extremely damaged in a gale.

Before going down the tree felling and tree removal path one of our tree surgeons will first check your tree for any cracked limbs, splits and any other gale damage.

If it is feasible we will mend the tree and prune any broken or cracked limbs making your tree secure again.

In the event that the tree has fallen or is beyond repair then we will safely remove the tree for you.

The tree surgeons that we work with are are specialists in the accurate dismantling of big, hazardous and difficult trees inside cramped places. They are skilled at navigating tight spaces and minimising noise and disruption.

A variety of tree removal techniques maybe used including specialist winch operations, sectional dismantling, the use of cranes or directional felling. It all depends on the available space as to which method they will use.

Tree Felling

This is where the tree is cut from the base and then it falls to the ground in a controlled fashion. This method of removing a tree is best used when there is no risk that it will cause any damage to people or property. For large trees, however, this is often impossible due to the need for a lot of space for them to fall.

Tree Dismantling

This technique is often used in places where there is not a lot of space. Everything must be guided down to prevent any damage to property or people being injured. This is a skilled job that involves removing trees in sections. Starting at the top of the tree, sections are cut and then lowered to safety and under control using lowering ropes/slings and sometimes a crane.

The tree surgeons that we work with are extremely skilled in manoeuvring through tight spaces. They also use the most up-to-date rigging techniques to remove the trees safely from your garden.

To stop it from falling in the opposite direction, they use ropes and/or slings.

It is not easy to take out the old stump of a tree that was cut down as part of a landscaping project but not removed.

Professional tree surgeons are the best people to help you remove the old stumps from your property, as they have all the necessary tools to make it a simple and straightforward task.

Stump removal refers to the removal of an old tree stump to a predetermined depth. The average depth is 150mm to 300mm.

This is done using stump grinding equipment that is specifically designed to remove the stump while preserving the surrounding landscape. A stump grinder is piece of equipment with carbine-tipped teeth attached on a large rotating wheel. The teeth are placed at different angles around the wheel.

To leave minimal evidence of the stump removal work, the remaining hole is filled with soil and/or grinding waste.

Tree Protection Orders (TPO's) & Tree Conservation Orders

In the UK a number of trees are protected. Trees that have a trunk size upwards of 75mm at a trunk height of 1.5 metres are normally included within the comprehensive conservation area cover. Trees will have to be reviewed to find out if they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) are within a Conservation Area by talking to your local authority prior to scheduling any type of job. Our team can help with the inspections and requests for work.

Crown Reshaping & Reduction

Is an operation which results in a general decrease in the spread and/or height of the crown of your tree by means of an overall pruning of branches and/or twigs, while at the same time maintaining the integral structure of the tree’s crown.