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If you take after a lot of people in Helperby then you will likely have perhaps 1 or a number of trees in your garden. Trees like the shrubs in your garden need maintaining or they may not only turn out unsightly but they could also be life-threatening.

While you could do a few tasks with your pruners and a saw, a lot of the tasks are better entrusted to qualified and experienced tree surgeons.

The Helperby tree surgeon contractors that we work with have the ability to deliver not only tree removal but also a variety of tree maintenance professional services such as Tree Felling And Tree Disassembling, Developmental Trimming, Crown Reshaping And Reduction, Stump Grinding And Stump Removal  and hedge trimming which will assist you with managing and improving the beauty of your property.

A lot also have a 24 hour emergency tree surgeon service throughout the Helperby area, for if your tree has lost branches or you are not exactly sure of its overall health situation after a windstorm.

If they are able to help make your tree secure by removing any broken or fractured branches and reinforcing the tree’s trunk then they will do so. If they are unable to render it safe then the tree surgeon will organise a risk-free tree felling & removal as quickly as is practical.

They are also able to give you advice on the most helpful practices for maintaining the overall health & appearance of your garden trees.

So whether you are checking out tree removal & tree felling, getting crown reshaping & reduction done, want to get your tree inspected for diseases or storm damage, a stump removed or grinding then call any of our Helperby tree surgery contractors now.

Occasionally a tree gets to a stage where trimming and pruning it are no longer adequate and it no longer fits in with your garden design or it eventually becomes vital to have it taken out before it brings about unknown damages to your property or injures someone.

Our tree surgeons contractors deliver a 24 Hr emergency tree removal service for if you think your tree has been severely weakened in a storm.

Long before going down the tree felling and tree removal route one of our tree surgeons will first check your tree for any cracked limbs, splits and all other gale damage.

If it’s feasible our staff will mend the tree and prune any broken or cracked limbs to make your tree secure again.

In the event that the tree has collapsed or is beyond repair then our staff will safely and securely remove the tree for you.

The tree surgeons who work with us are specialists in the accurate taking down of complicated, big and dangerous trees inside confined locations. They are experienced in removing trees from difficult locations and can manoeuvre through tight spaces.

A range of tree removal methods may be chosen including specialist winch operations, sectional dismantling, the use of cranes or directional felling. The technique they choose will depend on how much space is available.

Tree Felling

This is where the tree’s base is cut and then the tree falls in a controlled way. This technique is only used when the risk that the tree could cause injury to anyone or damage property is very low. It is sometimes impossible to remove large trees in this way, as they require a lot of space to fall.

Tree Dismantling

This technique is often used in places where there is not a lot of space. Everything must be guided down to prevent any damage to property or people being injured. It takes skill to remove trees in sections. Start at the top of the tree and cut into manageable sections. Then, safely and under control, the tree is lowered to ground using lowering ropes and/or slings. In some cases, a crane may be used.

The tree surgeons that we work with are experts in working in tight spaces, and will safely remove trees from your garden using the latest rigging methods.

To stop it from falling in the opposite direction, they use ropes and/or slings.

No matter whether your tree has been felled due to storm damage or infection, it’s not easy to remove the old stump.

Professional tree surgeons are the best people to help you remove the old stumps from your property, as they have all the necessary tools to make it a simple and straightforward task.

Stump removal is the process of removing the old stump from a tree to a specific depth. Usually, this is between 150mm to 300mm. Also, any lateral roots attached to the tree are removed at the same time.

The stump grinder is used to remove the stump, while the surrounding garden remains unharmed. A stump grinder is a machine that has carbine-tipped teeth attached to it. The teeth are attached at various angles and in a sequence around the wheel.

The stump will be removed and the hole left behind will be filled with soil or other grinding waste.

Tree Protection Orders (TPO's) And Tree Conservation Orders

Throughout the UK many trees are protected. Trees that have a trunk size larger than 75mm at a trunk height of 1.5 metres are usually contained in the complete conservation area cover. Trees will need to be assessed to discover if they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) are in a Conservation Area by seeking advice from your local authority before planning any sort of services. Our company can assist with the inspections and requests for work.

Crown Reduction & Reshaping

Is a treatment which results in a total cutback in the height and/or spread of the crown of your tree through a comprehensive trimming of branches and/or twigs, whilst preserving the fundamental arrangement of the tree’s crown.